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6 Easy and Amazing Engagement Photography Tips

Matt Thompson Nov 14, 2019
There are certain tips that you can follow today for getting your photography career far beyond. These are many tips to stick by but just six of them are mentioned here.

1. The Light Mood in Engagement Photography

You need to get a bit informal as you want to make them comfortable. How terrible it will be to work in an awkward environment. You need to get them giggling to establish an air of a light environment.
You need to naturally get along with them and if you are a question that how would you know? Then the genuine smiles say it all. Try to sound excited so that your clients get the idea that you are excited and interested in their project.

2. Understand your Clients

You need to come out as a flexible person. Just maintain an understanding attitude and you are good to go. Get their ideas across your head.  Understand with every detail the customization which your client dreams of. You need to stick to their desires and take it to another whole new level by being creative.

3. Take Control of the Engagement Photography

Next, you should never hesitate in giving instructions. You need to direct them with proper instructions and be extremely great in communication as after all you need to resonate with them. You should confidently guide the clients about how to angle their bodies and position it.
You need to establish a level of proximity between couples for there has to be a connection. If you are shooting any sitting pose, then they have to sit much closer to each other. You need to be great in communication for actually being able to preset a proud-worthy work.

4. Preparation for Engagement Photography

You need to be always prepared for engagement photography. Get inspired by looking at the work of some great photographers. You need to do this right before you shoot as this will raise your motivation to a whole new level. The inspirations will enable you to make tough decisions about how to shoot a certain shot.
You can always carry a diary which has all the must-have poses. Such a list will help you as these will act as a reference point.

5. Use of Props in Engagement Photography

Don’t overdo things but you need to carry a few props, the highly selective ones. These will add a whole new dimension to your engagement photography.

6. Focus More on the Bride

You must be aware that how in engagement it is mostly a bride show. Though a great photographer won't ever neglect the groom, but get the point about focusing on the bride. As a good wedding photographer, you need to get creative with details that surround the bride in engagement photography.
All the attention mostly lands towards a bride and even in wedding albums, people see how beautifully the moments of brides have been captured. So one quick note here about being extra cautious with the posses of brides. You need those posses to be special for you are capturing the most memorable experience.