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Sibling Photography Ideas

Suryasarathi Bhattacharya Mar 12, 2019
'Watching family albums' always takes us down the memory lane. But, instead of clicking the monotonous and posed photographs of siblings, capture those moods, emotions, expressions and feelings of siblings to make the photos more interesting and full of life! Read on to know the ideas of how to do it.
Siblings have probably one of the most lovable relationships. They can be the best of friends at one moment, and the next, they can be pulling each other's hair off. But their love for each other is generated deep in their hearts and that reflects in their eyes.
There can't be anything more cheerful and pleasant as capturing the camaraderie among siblings. Here are some ideas that can get you some unforgettable sibling photos.
Posing in front of the camera with a beaming smile has become somewhat of a cliche in today's times. Think about children! They are at their real best when in motion, reveling the world around and doing something or the other.
They are either going to be teasing or making silly faces to each other. It is absolutely okay to include imperfect shots, especially if it adds to the subjects' personalities or reflects their relationship with each other.
In case of teenage and older siblings, they would be composed and poised. Try capturing those conversations, or get one of the siblings to crack a joke and bring everyone at ease.
Random pics (even with odd faces, especially in case of children) are always easy for a photographer, since you get real emotions captured for a lifetime.
Never shy away from using props when doing a sibling photography session. Children are more at ease when they have something around which they see and use regularly. This can be a piece of regular furniture, couches, swings in your garden, or anything that gives a sense of activity in the pictures.
With older siblings, try outdoor props like cars, bikes, or may be a fishing boat! In beaches or hills, appropriate sports gear can add some action into the photographs.

Tip: Avoid using too many props around since they distract the viewer from the emotions in the photograph!
Clothing is very important and even more important is choosing an apt color scheme. You wouldn't want the siblings to look identical, or in some cases, just a part of the backdrop. Hence, avoid matching colored outfits.
Gone are the days when everyone wore same colored clothes. Instead, choose contrasting colors or split up the colors among the siblings (if more than two). This would make the picture more appealing - visually and memorably.
In case of a newborn, the oldest sibling can hold it while others can just be around hugging or leaning. Some small fluffy props like a woolen cap (Christmas or Halloween caps), mittens, or soft toys can be used. Make sure, the focus is still on the siblings.
Themes are always a guaranteed hit in photography. Try to plan out the photoshoot during festivals, or use the changing seasons as thematic representations. Christmas, Easter, or Halloween can be used as great theme setters for your photoshoot.
With siblings playing characters and fancy dressing, the photoshoot becomes more fun.
During summers, you can plan a pool or garden photo shoot. Let them enjoy the cold water in the hot weather.
During fall, shoot at a park or any botanical garden to use the fall foliage as an ideal backdrop. This is a great idea for toddlers, older or teenage sibling photoshoot.
Winters are ideal to shoot with a theme. Siblings, age no bar, make the best use of this season for many reasons. One being the obvious change in surrounding -ice-laden trees and roads, frozen lakes and fountains; and second being the variety of clothes of different colors and styles one can wear!
If one of the siblings is a newborn or differently-abled, take special care while photographing. Since, it wouldn't be a wise option to move them or use too many props around them; keep it simple.
While, in the case of a differently-abled sibling, others can simply cuddle, hug, or be more closely positioned evincing the warm bond they share. After all, these special ones must be handled with special care.