These 11 Photo Poses By Tourists are Seriously Annoying

11 Annoying Tourist Photo Poses
Posing has become an important part of the memories we make while traveling. But some of them have been overused and done to death. It's high time we stop it and think of something new. This PhotograFeed article will give you examples of how tourists should NOT pose.
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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Some Future Tips for Taking Photos!
Avoid clicking photos straight from the front because this tends to highlight the bulging hips or shoulders (if any). Use angles instead.

Avoid shooting from a low angle or a direct "up the nose" shot because this can accentuate certain features like a belly or double chin.
We all love to travel to new places and make our trip memorable. Now, clicking photos at certain famous places or just about anywhere is a way of preserving those memories forever. When it comes to clicking pictures, striking the right pose becomes a big issue. Some people manage to pose in certain new, innovative poses, but some people want to recreate certain popular poses or replicate the one visible in the background. There are many such poses that have been all too common that render the photos unimaginative and boring. We, at Buzzle, have collated a list of poses which people seem to be madly in love with.
Before we begin, we would like to mention that this article is just for fun, and not meant to offend anyone! We know the importance of the traditional poses and are not against it. Our only point is that some of them can just get plain annoying.
Tourist Poses You Should Avoid On Vacation
'V' Sign
Annoying tourist photo poses peace
When you are not sure how to pose, do this! Flashing a 'V' for peace or victory sign is most common among Asian tourists, but has done its magic on others too. Seriously, every single person has at least one photo with such a pose. Flashing a 'V' sign will never get world peace, but it surely might provoke someone to slap you! Some people have the audacity to flash two peace signs, as if one wasn't enough.
Pinching Famous Monuments
Annoying tourist photo poses Eiffel tower
I get it that you have visited Eiffel tower and seen all those pyramids. But, who said that posing like this will turn you into some huge beast who can squeeze big monuments or touch the top of it? It's time to stop posing such clich├ęd poses. Come on, you can do better!
Annoying tourist photo poses Egypt pyramid
Holding Huge Monuments
Annoying tourist photo poses leaning tower
This photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most common one. Oh My God, you almost turned into a huge, mighty beast to push that big thing away! Also, you must have the ultimate power to hold the Statue of Liberty in your hand. A standing ovation for all who did this because you thought you are so smart, and people will never know how you did it.
Annoying tourist photo poses statue of liberty
Annoying tourist photo poses jumping
Yay! You're on a vacation and visiting a new place! If this is the way you express your joy, you better run; because at any moment, someone might come and take you back to where you came from, the madhouse!
Kissing the Monuments
Annoying tourist photo poses sphinx kiss
I pity the Sphinx and all others like her to have gotten a kiss from just about every other visitor. Imagine the helplessness they must be feeling, because there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. I think there would have been some point in kissing, if it turned into Prince Charming!
Annoying tourist photo poses statue kiss
Stupidly Posing with Statues
Annoying tourist photo poses replicating
Those are great pieces of art, so I beg, don't just spoil the frame! Couldn't you just leave it as it is and move on with your trip. In these photos, the statue couple would want to run away rather than sit with you, or the angel would have made this expression after looking at you!
Annoying tourist photo poses statue imitating
Replicating Statues
Annoying tourist photo poses Replicating
We don't get what fun people derive by doing this. People hardly get close to the perfection with which the statue is made. These photos make for funny photos rather than memorable ones.
Hot Legs on the Beach
Annoying tourist photo poses hot legs
Okay, so you're having a great time on the beach, and you're happy about the new bikini. A full scene or panorama of the beach would have been a better way to show off the destination, and a full photo of yours would have gotten you compliments about the new bikini. But, with these photos, all I see is your legs with a beach in the background. I demand to not get distracted by your legs and to be able to focus on the beautiful water!
Telephone Booth
Annoying tourist photo poses telephone booth
Oh, so much drama! You want to tell the whole world that you're calling from a booth and you don't have a cell phone in the 21st century? There is nothing hilarious or memorable about calling or peeking out of a telephone booth.
Beatles Pose
Annoying tourist photo poses The Beatles
We are sure that people who drive down the Abbey Road in London would have to wait because hundreds of tourists would love to pose this way. Please understand that it was good when The Beatles did it, but it truly isn't when you do it! They (The Beatles) might start hating themselves after they see this!
The Mother of All Poses
Annoying tourist photo poses
It's like, if you have been bitten by the dance bug, go for it. Here's our earnest advice: Save it for the pub, guys!