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Best DSLR Cameras for 2019

Rahul Thadani Feb 8, 2019
Nowadays, with 12 & 16 megapixel smartphone cameras, anyone can become an amateur photographer. But if you're serious about it, a DSLR is still the most sought-after equipment to take excellent High Definition videos along with impeccable photographs! Here are this year's campaigners.
Buying a camera that comes equipped with all the latest features and at the same time fulfills your expectations and needs is important. The camera can be with a faster FPS or great video capabilities or excellent low light performance.
When it comes to advanced or professional photography nothing matches the brilliance of a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. But if size and weight are your constraints, mirrorless cameras are a great alternative which offer capabilities of a DSLR in a much smaller size. Described in this post are the best DSLRs you can buy right now!

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is one of the most celebrated Full-Frame DSLRs in the market. It has a 30.4 megapixels CMOS sensor & uses Canon's DIGIC 6+ processor for image processing. It offers an astonishing ISO range 100-32000 (expands to 50-102400), which will help you take pictures in very low light.
It can shoot at a 7 fps in full resolution. It can shoot videos in 4K at 30 fps & full HD recording at 60 fps. Its body is made from magnesium alloy to withstand tough working conditions. It supports WiFi, NFC & USB 3.0 for connectivity and has built-in GPS unlike most of other Canon models. It is priced at US $3549.99 (with 24-70mm lens).
Also check out other models of Canon series, such as Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EOS 800D & EOS 80D.

Nikon D850

Nikon D850 is one of the very few full-frame DSLRs to have a huge megapixel output. It has a 45.7 MP BSI-CMOS sensor & EXPEED 5 image processing engine. It can shoot at 9 fps in continuous mode. Its ISO range is 64-25600 (expands to 32-102400).
It has 151 autofocus points for accurate focusing. It has a 3.2” LCD display, which is tilting and touch screen enabled too. Viewfinder is optical pentaprism type. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth & has NFC support along with inbuilt GPS. It costs about US $3,299.99 (body only).

Also check out other models of Nikon: Nikon D7500, Nikon D5500.

Sony Alpha a99 II

This is a 42.4 megapixels full frame body from Sony with its BIONZ X processor. Sony is famous for its Translucent Mirror Technology; it allows the image to be seen while being clicked at 12 fps.
Sony uses electronic viewfinder for that. Like other cameras on the list, this supports NFC & WiFi too. It has 399 focus points, which is the highest in this category of cameras. It is available at around $3199.99(body only)

Also check out other model of Sony: Sony Alpha A9.

Pentax K-1

It is true that when it comes to DSLR, people opt more for Canon and Nikon than other flagships like Pentax. Pentax K-1 cannot be ignored although.
It comes with a rigid body and most importantly at an affordable price. It has 36.4 megapixels, Prime IV image processor, and a full-frame CMOS sensor. You can shoot videos in full HD 1080p quality. It has built-in WiFi and GPS. You can get this DSLR at approx. US $1896.95 (body only).

Nikon D500

Nikon D500 is specifically designed for professional action shooters. This is Nikon's fastest camera and it can shoot at 10 FPS. That is why it is an amazing option for sports and wildlife. It has a 20.9 megapixel DX-CMOS sensor & EXPEED 5 image processing engine.
Nikon D500 can shoot at 10 fps in continuous mode. It has a 3.2” LCD display, which is dot tilting and touch screen enabled. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth & has NFC support along with inbuilt GPS. It costs about US $1,796.95(body only).
So these were some of the best DSLRs available in the market. They have the best features available in the market and are approved by many professional photographers. We wish you are able to find a great one for your needs, to create art out of this technology marvel!