Best Entry-level DSLR Camera 2012

The entry-level photographers will find this article extremely useful. These cameras fulfill the simple point-and-shoot photographic needs apart from the artistic wants of a budding photographer.
Point-and-shoot digital cameras are affordable, easy to use, and very handy. But when it comes to getting high-quality and accurate pictures, nothing matches the performance of a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. For someone who is working their way up the photography channel, this can work wonders. Along with great image quality, you will get good subject depth, color saturation, light intensity and images that look exactly like what they do on the LCD.

For a long time, DSLRs were only used by professionals from all around the world. But today, these are also becoming more affordable and more easy to handle for someone who is just taking a step up from a regular point-and-shoot camera. So, the quality of the images will be much better and it will not be too difficult for an individual to figure out how to work with them. Hence, this is the perfect bridge between simple compact cameras and the highly complex and manually controlled ones.

Before we get into the list, you should know what you are looking for in a camera. You need to look at the features and analyze the frequency with which you will be using it. Qualities like a high megapixel resolution, an image stabilizer, good shutter speed and long battery life are very important. In addition, the camera should also be lightweight, easy to use and affordable so that it gives good value for money. Keep all these things in mind before you go ahead and buy one for yourself.

Top DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Canon Rebel T3i
This is the best in the entry-level segment, thanks to its impeccable features and functions. For a beginner, this 18.0 MP resolution camera is a delight, as it captures the minutest of details. It is accurate and precise in terms of its photography due to the introduction of intelligent and automatic modes, which scan your surroundings for a best possible click. The presence of 3-inch LCD screen makes it even more attractive. It is priced at around $624.

Nikon D5100
Another masterpiece from Nikon is this new D5100. It has almost all the features that an entry-level DSLR camera seldom possesses. Apart from the traditional modes like portrait, landscape, etc., it has managed to introduce new modes such as night landscape, sunset, candlelight etc., for greater accuracy and clarity while taking snaps. It has a 16.2 MP resolution and its cost is slightly higher at $850.

Sony SLT-A55
This one from Sony is a unique DSLR camera, in a way that it is sleek, compact and easy to carry; something which we generally do not associate with DSLRs. It is one of the first to use Translucent Mirror Technology, which directs light to the autofocus system. It comprises a 3-inch LCD screen and offers a 16.2 MP resolution for the users. The price of Sony SLT-A55 is $698.

Olympus E-PL2
This particular camera is one of the smallest and lightest around. It has HD movie compatibilities, which were not present in the previous Olympus models. The ePortrait mode is perhaps the standout feature of this product, as it illuminates and smoothes the faces automatically. Its resolution is 12.8 MP and hence it is priced at $300, which is quite low as compared to the ones we discussed earlier.

You must know what you are looking for when you go to buy a DSLR, because there are so many different choices when it comes to digital cameras. If there are some features that you cannot do without and if there are some that you just do not need, be sure about them in your mind before you decide on your budget.