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Family Portrait Photography

Medha Godbole Nov 18, 2018
There are a lot of angles to clicking a family portrait. From clothing to the angle of the photo to the light, there are numerous aspects intertwined in it. See through the 'lens' in the form of this information as to what all is involved it.
This is not a very unfamiliar situation for those who stay away from home and have an attachment with their family. Photographs and memoirs come to your rescue and give you respite in such a situation.
Even though the members share a bond, moments to cherish are far and few, but they help us deal with the harsh realities of life. Hence, the need for photography with relation to families arises.

Kinds of Family Portraits

These can be of two types. Either it can be formal and traditional or it can be something out of the box, casual and totally informal. Formal is more about men wearing suits and women wearing dresses.
On the contrary in an informal set up, the members of the family are dressed more casually.
Candid shots and natural shots too could be taken by the photographer apart from the posed photographs.
Apart from these, even an activity in which all the members are involved can be made as a theme for this photo. Accordingly, you would need to coordinate your portrait clothing ideas.

Some Tips

There are some things which can totally ruin a photograph, for instance a tree limb or people behind the subjects. Like this there are a few things which need to be kept in mind while clicking and posing for a family photograph. Mismatched outfits can mess up the same too.


There should not be anything in the background which can give a shabby appearance to the photo. People, tree limbs, and so on need to chucked away. The best way to that is to move the subject away from that. 
A neutral background or large hedge of bushes is perfect. Brick wall, stairs, or windows are other great options.

Lights, Camera, Action

Usually best light is in the morning or late afternoon. The subject should be positioned in a way that the light comes from the side. If the backdrop is outdoor, shooting in the shade or on a overcast sky is a fabulous idea.
For indoors, if there is a window with light, the photo will come out beautiful if the subject poses next to it.

Perception, it All

Avoid shooting or posing from the same angle. Shoot down the subject. Then shoot towards the subject. It is sure to add a dramatic touch to the photo.
Further, taking an angular shot would enhance the subject's personality. Change angles, take close ups, and add up spice to the photograph. If the subjects are looking right, leave an extra space in the frame on the same side.

Some Portrait Poses

For the pictures to come out well, posing is another aspect. Clothing is equally important, especially while posing. This is because the color and style of clothes need to match amongst the family members. Take a look at how can you pose well.

Pythagoras to Help

Portraits come out best when the heads of the subjects are arranged in a manner that they form triangles.

Get Angular

When one shoulder is closer to the camera than the other, trust me you are going to appear slim in the photo. An angle gives an interesting and different dimension to the picture.
Moreover, the head of the subject is not squared with the shoulders. Tilting heads also provides a different perspective to it. Moreover, it looks a cohesive group. To create angles, some of the subjects can stand and some of them can kneel.

Hide and Seek

Hands create a visual clutter if you want to have a nice and clean photo. So, keep your hands where 'no one can see them'. That is, hide them out of the view. Pockets or just folding your hands are easy solutions to avoid hands disturbing the picture.

Cheesy? Not Good

Saying cheese is not actually a good idea, as it is a signal for those who are camera conscious that they are going to be clicked. This would result in they being stiff and giving fake smiles.
Rather a great idea to get a natural and lively picture would be to keep a conversation going on and click as and when you get a perfect shot.
A family portrait is all about bringing out the bond that the members of a family share. It is fun as those precious moments and that time is captured in the lens forever. In another view, it could be a great excuse for a family to come together and have a great time.