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What to Wear for a Family Portrait: Ideas You Can Bank On

Family Portraits: What to Wear
Clicking a family portrait is an easy and popular way to preserve memories of our loved ones. Interesting tips on how to dress up for your family portrait will help you be at your photogenic best.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
A moment gone, and the past is lost forever. It never comes back. I think that is what made us humans invent something like photography, using cameras and lenses. To capture that moment in the lens and savor the memories forever. Today, with digital photography, the process has become easier. Family portraits are a major part of our memories and therefore, we wish to preserve them forever. Naturally, we want them to be perfect for a vivid memory of an event to be etched in our minds. This is why the attire of the members in the portrait is of utmost importance.
How to Dress for a Family Portrait
All For One and One For All
Formal Family Portrait
There should be coordination and uniformity in what the family wears. Wearing clothes that complement each other is a perfect choice. Match the colors, but not 100%! You should be blending with each other, but you also want to show that you are different from each other. Hence, merge and blend your attire, but it does not have to match totally. Portrait photography is all about blending, but still maintaining your individualism.
The Settings
Casual family portrait
Choose your clothes depending on the backdrop - be it a studio, your living room or a yard. If it is a studio, pick semi formal and formal attire. For your living room or backyard, be a bit more casual and a bit experimental with the colors. Jeans, sweaters and pullovers go well with these set ups. On the other hand, solid colors and white are timeless - be it a studio or a natural ambiance. However, if the studio background is already light in color, brighter shades are ideal.
Creative Bites
chinese family portrait
Be creative in your attire! Have a theme or a color scheme for jazzing up your picture. If you all pursue a common activity, you can get a natural and a classic photograph if you incorporate the activity in the photograph. It will be a time to cherish for you then and later as well in the form of a photograph. Be as creative as you want to be, but avoid going overboard! Ensure that you are totally comfortable. This is more important in the cases of babies and children.
Clothing Tips for Portraits
happy family portrait
  • Use a light source detached from the camera, which will help provide more depth to the photo and do away with shadows.
  • Ladies, please keep the make up and jewelry to a bare minimum. A lipstick and bit of blush would be fine.
  • Wear clothes which fit you properly. Loose and baggy clothes makes you look bigger and bulkier in photographs.
  • For the men, it would be good idea to shave and trim your beards and mustaches. If you are planning to have a haircut, have it a week before the d-day. Thus, in case there is a problem, it can be corrected.
  • Long sleeves are necessary for adults as well as teenagers. Bare arms can have an overbearing effect on the face.
  • The above point is applicable to legs as well. Women who are going to be photographed from head to toe, are advised to wear long skirts or pants. Bare legs can overpower the face.
All these things together will make for that unbeatable portrait. Are you all geared up, then? What must be worn for getting clicked with the family would not be a problem now, I guess! And don't forget to put on your best smileā€•it is the best addition to your personality!