This is How Drones Have Revolutionized the World of Photography

How Drones Have Revolutionized the World of Photography
'Selfie stick of the skies' - drones have lent new parameters to the art of photography. Today, drones are not just restricted to military use, but have a lot more civilian applications as well. Drones have changed aerial photography beyond recognition. Photographers, drones are certainly the new cool!
PhotograFeed Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
A drone and a map
According to estimates by the Federal Aviation Administration, there could be around 30,000 drones hovering overhead in the U.S. by 2020.
A wedding photography
Wedding Photography
Drone photography is the latest trend in weddings, and photographers are using them extensively for wedding shoots. The images captured from a drone are incredible and cannot be compared with any other type of photography. Drone photography has prompted a paradigm shift from typical wedding shoots to some really cool candid shots.
Players playing baseball
Sports Photography
Drones are now used for capturing high angle shots during the match. They are used to provide fantastic views of the playing arena and the areas nearby. Drones are also used widely to capture birds-eye shots of many events.
Area affected by flood
Natural Disaster Photography
Helicopters and planes prove less effective when it comes to capturing photographs of a natural disaster. Although, drones are also not 100% accurate, they have definitely provided clearer and more detailed images of the calamity than any other UAV, and have also helped in rescue operations.
Zebras running
Wildlife Photography
Drones have revolutionized the way wildlife is being photographed. Habitats of the animals and their whereabouts can be effectively found through drones. Especially, tree-top animals can be captured beautifully without harming the animals or the trees.
A house for sale
Real Estate Photography
Photography with drones has commercial applications or rather urban commercial applications as well. Real estate agents are now preferring the use of drones to capture every nook and corner of the property that they want to deal with.
Drone for agricultural survey
Agricultural Photography
Even agriculture is employing drone photography. Aerial views of the fields have helped farmers survey and attend to their crops timely.
People in a beach
Holidays Made Special
Widely used in the tourism sector, drones have helped people choose their holiday destinations and also capture memories of their holidays aerially.
Drone selfie
Selfie Drone
Oh Yes! Selfie Drones! These selfie sticks of the skies can help you take some really cool selfies.
Island In The River
Suburban Areas Near Brussels
Aerial View Of The Fortified Village Mertola
Manasija Monastery
Drone With Camera
Shanghai Nanpu Bridge Circles From Above
Thailand Scenery