Dynamic Tips on How You Can Be Photogenic

How to Be Photogenic
It is not uncommon to find many people getting uncomfortable in front of a camera. Knowing some tips can go a long way in helping an individual look more elegant in photographs. Read the following article to know more.
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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
The word 'photogenic' was coined by the pioneer of photography William Henry Fox Talbot. Being photogenic means that you look attractive and appealing in photographs. How do some people look more captivating on a camera than others? Well, there can be numerous reasons for this. In some cases, it is about the confidence and natural beauty in front of the camera whereas in some cases, it is more about presenting oneself more smartly. Whatever be the case, it is possible to be attractive and you can learn some simple tips to look better in your photographs.

Tips On How to Look Good in Pictures
It is important to know simple photography tips and tricks so that good pics can be taken. Good and attractive pics are also the efforts of a good photographer. I assume that with all things being proper (camera quality, photographer, proper lightning conditions), you can improve your appearance on camera. The secret to look cool in your pics has been unlocked here.
  • When you're being photographed, don't get tensed or appear more conscious. Relax, smile, and be natural. Nothing can be a better pic than an individual in his simplicity and natural style.
  • You can improve your physical appearance by wearing clothes that suit you, wearing the right accessories and using clothes of suitable color. These things are automatically compensated if you have a smile but if you dress properly, photos will surely look better.
  • Don't be in an unkempt appearance. Choose a hairstyle that suits you and don't appear messy unless you're shooting for the same purpose.
  • If you have plans to attend a wedding or a birthday party within few days or weeks, ensure you get rid of any skin patches or redness on your face. Make up may help but if you aspire to look good without makeup, then keep things simple and take care of your skin.
  • Focus on your posture. Good posture helps in taking good photographs. Breathing normally and keeping your shoulders back helps a great deal.
  • Always look a bit above the camera when the photograph is taken.
  • When being photographed while sitting, always make a slight angle.
  • Don't hold your breath as it will show on your face that your body is in some sort of tension.
  • People with braces have this disadvantage that if they laugh their braces may be visible making the image look poor. There is certainly some truth to it. To avoid that people with braces can avoid laughing their heart out on camera. They can give a controlled smile. Braces are temporary and once they're removed, they can get back their million dollar smile.
Remember, perfection must not become an obsession. Be yourself, carry a cheerful smile, and you will understand the true meaning of being photogenic. It is more about a poise in your appearance, grace, and dynamism in your personality.
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