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Newborn Photography Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Sep 28, 2018
Newborns are the most beautiful subjects for a photographer. Here are some newborn photography ideas that will enable you to capture those wonderful moments at the very beginning of a new life.
Can you think of a picture that is more beautiful or more innocent than a sleeping or smiling baby? Probably not! Newborn babies are an epitome of freshness, innocence, and purity.
However, within weeks, the freshness in the face of a newborn is replaced with a mischievous grin.
Smiling, moving babies indeed make for the best pictures in the world.
Capturing the newness of an infant is the most delightful experience for any photographer. The very first moments in a baby's life are captured in the camera and then cherished for a lifetime.
If you are a proud parent looking for ideas to capture your bundle of joy, then perhaps you will benefit from this.


Infant photography revolves around three basic styles, viz., environmental, clean-and-classic, and props-and-parents.
Environmental style deals with using the baby's home, nursery, or hospital as a backdrop. This renders a unique and personal touch to the photos.
Another option is to capture the baby's interaction with its parents. Such photos reflect the closeness of the family and the special bond shared by the baby and its parents.
Clean-and-classic style is the most popular in infant photography, as it captures the baby in its most natural state. The infant is often naked; or with just a blanket wrapped or is placed on a bean bag with an array of blankets around it. You can also include the baby's older siblings, if any.
In props-and-parents, use wooden bowls, chairs, baskets to prop the baby up for desired pose. Parents make for great props, as baby is most comfortable in their arms.


During the first few weeks, mothers are very reluctant to take the baby outdoors. Hence, your options will be confined to the baby's home or the hospital. Nonetheless, these two places offer unique and most personalized locations for taking photos.
If you are permitted to shoot outdoors a backdrop of lush gardens can make for the most breathtaking photographs. You can also look out for some unusual, ideas such as underwater photography, to reflect the marine instincts of the baby.


Natural setup is the most practical option while photographing infants. Since the baby's eyes are very sensitive to light, avoid it on the baby's head.
Also, turn off the flash as well as the red eye reduction feature. Set up the photo shoot near a window or any other source of natural light.


You should always look out for innovative ideas for taking newborn pictures. Babies swaddled in blankets on their back is the most common of all poses.
Infants do not have any control over their expressions or movements, hence you need to have a great amount of patience. In any case, do not disturb the schedule of the baby. Consult its parents regarding the time you can find it awake and happy.
Look for various props and adjust the baby. A pose with the baby's back towards the chest of its father and head resting on the inside of elbow makes a great picture.
A baby looking over the shoulder of its mother also looks picture perfect. However, do not force the baby to pose in a particular way and be as gentle as possible while adjusting its tiny limbs. If you are using bean bag to prop the baby, make sure it is not too soft, as you will have difficulty keeping it stable.
Do not forget to take closeups of the newborn to accentuate those tiny details.
While taking color photographs of the baby, dress it in muted colors as bright hues take the focus away from the baby.
Black-and-white photography techniques work best in this regard, as the focus is always fixed on the baby.
These were some of the ideas for capturing the very first moments in your baby's life. Do not hesitate to ditch the traditional practices of photography and be innovative, because just like the baby, its photograph should also be unique.