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Outdoor Family Portraits

Puja Lalwani Apr 17, 2019
Outdoor family portraits have an entirely different charm when compared with those clicked indoors. Take a look at some tips on various aspects to be considered during this activity to help the process of capturing many gorgeous memories.
Family photography is essential to capture beautiful memories, and remember all those times you have been there for each other, dealt with every problem that has confronted you, and the fact that all your strength is derived from the support that your family is.
To capture such happy moments is a great idea, because it is a less formal setting, and the beauty of nature brings out the best in you. This is the real essence of your photograph; the person you are yourself, and the wonderful person your family makes you. Here are some tips on capturing the most beautiful outdoor family portraits.

Choosing the Photographer

While a lot of people decide to have the photos clicked themselves, it is always better to get a qualified professional photographer who will be able to capture an image that probably you will never be able to.
A photographer will also be able to give you ideas about the location, what to wear, how to pose, while accommodating your suggestions and keeping your comfort in mind. Find such a professional who is well versed with family portrait photography, and who knows what she/he is doing.


Whether it is in your backyard, by the beach, at the countryside, or in a forest, choose a location that you are most comfortable with. Usually, locations that exude the vibrancy of nature are the best choices.
You may also choose to have pictures clicked with monuments in the backdrop. However, don't choose ruins of old buildings (unless you are the Adam's family), or a commercial building as a backdrop. These locations are more suitable for individual photographs. Try to come up with some creative ideas in terms of the location of the photograph.

What to Wear

The beauty of outdoor family photography is that it allows you to dress comfortably and less formally than a photograph clicked indoors or in a studio. You can wear bright colors with prints, but ensure that your entire family is coordinated within a color scheme.
This is not to say that all of you have to wear a single color. A combination of shades of one particular hue looks great too. Usually your photographer will give you suggestions on what to wear depending on the backdrop of the picture.
However, you should wear clothes that you are comfortable in, and clothes that are your style. Don't wear clashing colors or very bold prints, otherwise the essence of the photograph will be lost. While your concern about what to wear is absolutely valid, just remember that comfort is the key to a good photograph.


Since this photography is less formal, the way you pose is entirely up to you. It is a personal belief that outdoor pictures should be more spontaneous than pre-decided. Capturing a family member in her/his true element will make the picture more perfect.
Your kids enjoying the pool while you watch, all of you looking in a particular direction (such as upwards), all of you lying in the grass in a star formation, sitting on a log by the beach, enjoying in the park as the sprinklers are turned on, you can do just what you feel like.
With inputs from your photographer, you are sure to come up with some great poses, and eventually, a gorgeous photograph.
These ideas will materialize based on your perception and what exactly you want from the picture. One of the most important tips is that since it is something you are doing particularly for yourself, ensure that you do what you think brings out the best in you. This will make it  perfect and very special for all of you.