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Poses for an Unforgettable Senior Picture

Sujata Iyer Apr 19, 2019
Yearbooks are all about good senior picture poses, that everyone will remember. Let's see some poses that you can experiment with, for your senior picture.
When it comes to senior year, there are emotions of all kinds, flying all around school. Joy, at finally being able to get rid of the 'kid' tag. Apprehension about stepping out of the protected cocoon of school life, and into the big bad world.
Nostalgia, at having to leave behind people, and memories, that have made them what they are today. But most of all, it's excitement! Excitement at being able to live life on their own terms, and be taken seriously for what they are, and what they intend to become.
And as a record of this excitement, senior pictures are clicked. By incorporating various yearbook ideas, these senior picture ideas are transformed into a cache, that represent the seniors, as they are, at that point of time.
When you look at your senior pictures, ten years down the line, don't you want to have a lovely picture looking back at you? For this, you need some good senior picture poses. And high school senior picture ideas, is exactly what we'll help you with.

For Girls

Dance Pose

This one is for all the beautiful ballerinas and any other dancers. dress up in the elegant costume of your dance.
Go easy on the make-up, because you're not going to have a lot of spot lights shining down on you. Pick a background that contrasts with the color of your costume. Once you have the location and clothes, strike the pose. Pick the most graceful pose that you can think of. Take a number of pictures with different poses and pick your favorite from them.

Swing Pose

This is an outdoor pose. What you need is a swing tied to a tree that looks and feels comfortable. A lush green background of grass will be just perfect. Wear a skirt and blouse in pastel shades.
Leave your hair open. Sit on the stump with your hair on one side. Have a small fan blowing air onto your face so that your hair appears to be flying in a light breeze.

Lying in Hammock

Another good and relaxing picture idea for girls. What you need is a comfortable hammock tied to two trees with a background of flowers or just a plain green lawn.
Wear a pretty summer dress and a pretty hat to go with it. Relax on the hammock and ask the photographer to click a variety of pictures from different angles.

For Guys

Sports Gear

If you're on a sports team and intend to pursue the sport that you are so passionate about, then this idea is for you. Get ready in your sports outfit. Include all accessories like helmets, knee pads, etc.
Now, there are two options. You can either go for an intense close-up with your sports gear on, or you can have a long shot showing you in full uniform.

Leaning on Graffiti Wall

All you need is a gorgeous wall of stone or bricks. Or you can choose a wall with a lot of graffiti on it. Now what you have to do is, strike a comfortable pose leaning on the wall. It could be leaning with your back to the wall or a simple side pose with one shoulder touching the wall. Both will look fantastic.


If not your own home, choose an antique store or a friend's or relative's house that you know has a lot of antiques in it. They can be vases, paintings, a car, or even a weapon. You could even just pick an antique couch and pose on it.
The key is to pick the one thing that you identify with the most and have a picture clicked with it. You can either be holding it or you can have it in the background.
Having a perfect moment captured in time is what senior picture poses are all about. So go ahead and click some brilliant pictures that you will love to see even in the distant future.