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Phenomenal Tips That'll Help You Click Exquisite Senior Pictures

Tips for Taking Senior Pictures
Need some good tips for taking your perfect senior picture? This information will give you just what you need.
PhotograFeed Staff
Last Updated: Oct 03, 2018
Every student goes through the excitement of getting his or her senior picture clicked for their high school year books. And this is the time when they get to be the ultimate rockstars! Posing with lovely backgrounds, wearing exquisite clothes, and having a professional photographer go 'click' 'click' at their poses.
If you're in that phase yourself, and are looking for some tips on how to click the perfect picture, then this is definitely the place to be. Here you'll get some fabulous tips which will help you decide the various little details involved.
Tips Girls can Use
Alright girls, it's nearing graduation, and you need the perfect picture for your yearbook. Let's see some tips that will help you highlight your individuality.
Laughing woman outdoor
If your school allows you to choose a location for yourself, then go for a special place that you're most comfortable in. A place that makes you happy, and will bring that happiness out on your face and in your eyes.
Girl sitting on the railway line
You have a wide range of clothes to choose from. If your yearbook has a particular theme, then you will have to adhere to it. Go for a classy, elegant formal wear or semi formal like a shirt or dressy top with a pretty skirt or a pair of good jeans. Avoid casual attire.
Woman Wearing Elegant Hat Jacket
It depend on what kind of clothes you decide to wear. If you're going with simple clothes, then use showy jewelry. Brooches, hats, gloves are all good in case you have a theme.
Laughing Girl In Eyeglasses
If you're planning to go for a wise and studious look that involves wearing spectacles, make sure you wear only frames, so that the flash does not bounce off the glasses.
The most important part of the picture. What kind of pose will you strike? Again, this totally depends on you as a person. A pose that is most suitable to your personality works best! So if you're a fun loving and adventurous person; pose outdoors with trees and rocks in the background.
For those who are more into indoor activities; a pose within a room that appeals to them most is well suited.
Tips Guys can Use
Alright guys, don't pretend like you're not interested in getting your picture taken, because you know, as well as any other person, that you ARE! So let's delve into location, pose, and outfit ideas for you guys!
Basketball Player On The Court
The same as girls, think of a place that makes you happy, and get your picture clicked there. Opt for a basketball court or a football ground or a gym. Does not mean you have to too. If you'd rather have your picture taken in the library or in a park, nothing can stop you.
Man In Jeans Jacket
Guys really have limited options when it comes to clothing. So, experiment with the tone of your attire. Decide between formal and semi-formal look. A shirt with jeans or a suit. If you're going for a sporty look, use your team jacket to highlight the school spirit.
Watch On Wrist
What kind of accessories can guys use? Well it's very simple things like maybe a smart wrist watch, or a bandanna tied around the head.
Once you're in a place that makes you happy, and you're wearing clothes that you're comfortable in, a pose should come automatically. If you're into sports, strike a pose that is related to the sport. Or just keep it simple and let your background do the talking.
In addition to those tips, remember these: have a good night's rest the previous night so that you're fresh, be relaxed about the picture, there's no need to hyperventilate, and most of all, be yourself, and smile into the camera like it's what you were born to do!