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5 Useful Tips for Black and White Photography

Kashmira Lad Oct 27, 2018
Once you develop the right skill set, you will discover that black and white photography has many interesting aspects to it. Here are five useful tips on how you can use this medium to capture stunning photos.
Black and white photography is one of the most interesting forms of art, which is growing in popularity. Picture taking in itself is a vast subject, and this form is considered to be more challenging than color photography.
It is necessary to understand the correct use of black and white (often abbreviated as B&W) to create stunning images.
With the advent of color photography, several years ago, this form of picture taking had almost taken a backseat. However, with time, photographers have realized that there are a plethora of possibilities associated.
The beauty of this form of picture taking lies in the fact that it has a timeless appeal. A normal composition can be turned into a beautiful visual depending on the skills of the photographer. This form is suitable for any subject be it nature, fashion, or journalism.
To be successful in clicking black-and-white images, one would require loads of practice and skill. The trick; however, lies in using a combination of various factors, such as light, texture, etc.

Some Useful Tips

● Contrast is an extremely crucial feature in this form of photography. A B&W photo can look simply stunning with the proper use of contrast. 
Light, in this case, plays a very important role. A photographer would need to consider the direction of light for a strong contrast between the foreground and atmosphere around the same.
● One should also consider the use of light and element of shadow. To begin with, you can click snaps of a particular scene at different times of the day. A bright weather would give a different result as compared to a foggy one. This would help you understand the importance of various tones.
● The use of texture helps to add an interesting element to a B&W photograph. What may seem to be very boring in color can be made to look really interesting in black and white.
To begin with, you can even click various interesting textures that will help you understand the different tones and the use of light and shadow.
● As a photographer, you would also need to be aware of how colors complement each other. This is because the kind of contrast that shows in color may not be the same in B&W.
Therefore, you would need to develop your power of observation to be able to identify the most suitable tone for your photograph.
● You can also make good use of shapes and views to create spellbinding compositions. An otherwise dull composition can be made to look interesting with the use of lines and perspective.
A new angle or even a combination of some interesting subjects can create beautiful frames.
Thus, this form of picture taking is a fine medium to explore once you gain a strong foothold over the basics. Use these tips to discover some new and interesting facets of this form of art. Happy snapping!