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7 Good Photo Sharing Apps That Aren't Instagram

7 Good Photo Sharing Apps That Aren't Instagram

Currently, there is a 'love it or leave it' dilemma being played out in people's minds about the tremendously popular app, Instagram. If your pointer is slightly tilted toward the 'leave it' part, consider the following picture-sharing apps that are similar to Instagram.
Payal Kanjwani
What led to the fall of Instagram?

The misinterpreted version of Terms of Services of Instagram says, it owns your photographs and the authority to use and sell them to advertising parties.

We don't think there's anybody out there who wouldn't be aware of this hilarious app. Even if you aren't into photography, you probably know this photo-sharing app. It has brought a revolution in the filter-editing and social networking world.

But an unfortunate incident in the form of the 2012 Instagram controversy led to the loss of followers in large numbers. Though Instagram released a statement regarding the misinterpretation of its terms of services, there are users who no more feel secure.

Whether you're interested in enhancing your pictures, are a photography fancier, or just not sure about being on insta, we've got some great picture-sharing and editing apps for you. We don't promise to give you alternatives that are free, but these are definitely worth a download.


Platform: iOS, Android | Price: Free

You may think Flickr is dead, but think again. Yahoo just gave it a makeover, and it's all set to amaze you with its sparkling new interface and of course, photo hosting service. It's got advanced photo-editing options, amazing live filters, an option for adding captions, and lets you share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email. You can shoot from the app itself, or put a new spin on a previously clicked image. It has expanded ways to connect with people and browse pictures around the world. And the best part, there are no issues with licensing on your photos―you own them all.


Platform: iOS, Android | Price: Free

This photo-sharing social network app is very similar to Instagram, and for some photography enthusiasts, much better than it. It boasts sharing of pictures that are similar in type. For instance, if you post a picture of hot chocolate, it will showcase your picture to all those who've posted about hot choc, and also show you pictures of the same beverage uploaded by others (spare the hot chocolate part). It provides an automatic tagging system that will give you relevant tags, location, and data on every picture taken. The sharing feature is the most robust of all, letting you share via email, on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, and Tumblr.


Platform: iOS, Windows | Price: USD 1.99

Wanna swim back to the retro world? This insta alternative is all you need. It has an old-camera-style user interface that comes with innumerable vintage-styled filters. The feature that differentiates it from the crowd is that it lets you apply effects before clicking a snap and offers group albums. It turns your pictures into postcard-like snaps which you can share not just on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Instagram and Flickr. Hipstamatic promises to make your digital photography look analog, and well, we say they are pretty successful in doing it.


Platform: iOS, Android | Price: Free

This is your standard phone camera with a 20+ insta-like filters, overlays, frames and border options. If time is a constraint, or if you're too jumbled by the various options, you can go in for the 'randomizer' option given by it that would select an effect, overlay, and border/frame for you. You can share your edited pictures on Facebook, Flickr, DropBox, iTunes, or email. And the good news is, it has a desktop version too. If you've fallen in love with the effects it offers, try its plus version (can cost you up to $1.) with more exciting overlays and effects.


Platform: iOS, Android, Windows | Price: USD 4.99

This is one of the priciest apps on the list, but trust me, it's worth the USD 4.99 tag. This image-enhancing app offers a number of features beyond mere filters. With just a simple swipe, you can fine-tune your photographs. Its photo correction capabilities are incomparable, making it one of the best iPhone camera apps. And last but not the least, it lets you complete control over your pictures.


Platform: iOS, Android | Price: USD 0.99 - USD 1.99

This is probably the most well-loved iPhone photo editing app. Its interface is not just attractive, but also intuitive! Besides having an excellent camera, it serves just-like Instagram. It offers a huge set of filters, scene modes, borders, shooting options like stabilizer and separate exposure, and other insta-like effects, but with a professional touch to it. The only drawback here is that it isn't as social as insta. We say, despite having great post-shot polishing features, it expertise area is capturing the best picture possible.


Platform: iOS, Android | Price: Free

This SmugMug camera app is blazing fast. With easy-to-use interface, you get 9 awesome features for free including―presets, filters, textures, etc. Besides, you can buy several other features for gaining more control over editing options―giving you nearly 300 effects and editing tools. The 'Awesomize' feature serves you with powerful auto-fixes. You can share your pictures across Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, or you can leave it all on its auto-share feature.

Do tell us about your favorite photo-sharing apps in the comments below. Go Click, Edit, Share!