Magazines for people who love photography

Top 10 Magazines for People Who Love Photography

Whether you are looking for photography tips, digital camera reviews, or an amazing array of inspirational photographs, photography magazines can help you find all this and more. This Buzzle article provides a list of the top magazines for people who love photography.
With the emergence of women in the art, craft, and business of photography, Click, a photography magazine by Clickin Moms, was created exclusively for female photographers and women.
Whether you are a novice or professional photographer, photography magazines are just the perfect way to hone your skills and get the latest news from the exciting and vibrant world of photography. These magazines not only provide you reviews of the best camera models, the latest Photoshop techniques, and the most amazing photographs from around the world, but they also serve as a great source of inspiration.

There are hundreds of photography magazines out there, catering to every niche and requirement. Here is a roundup of some amazing print magazines for people who love photography.

The Best Photography Magazines

Popular Photography Magazine

One of the largest photography magazines in the world, Popular Photography provides comprehensive coverage and reviews of the latest equipment and test reports. The new camera and lenses in the market are tested and reviewed in great detail. There are some amazing how-to articles and instructional features for beginners, such as learning lighting methods and improving your skills in the darkroom. Of course, there are some great photographs for inspiration as well.


Outdoor Photographer Magazine

If you love outdoor photography, this is just the perfect magazine for your needs. There are contributions and articles by some of the most notable travel, wildlife, sports, and landscape photographers from around the world. Besides that, you can find general tips on how to improve your photography skills, the best and latest equipment reviews, and a good selection of photographs.


Aperture Magazine

Known for its representation of professional photography, the Aperture Magazine has been in publication since 1952. It showcases some of the finest works by some of the most acclaimed artists in the profession. If you are looking for some unique inspiration ideas, you are sure to love this magazine. Its glossy, heavy stock paper and binding make this book-like magazine a keepsake that you can cherish for ages.


Digital Photo Magazine

Known as the PC Photo previously, Digital Photo provides information about the latest trends and updates in the field of photography. Apart from the product reviews and the wealth of tips and techniques, every issue of the Digital Photo magazine is equipped with a free CD-ROM. You can find a number of video lessons to improve your photo and imaging skills.


American Photo Magazine

This bimonthly magazine is all about creative photography. Leading artists in the field of photography contribute informative and inspirational articles. This magazine is less about instructional techniques and tips, and more about inspirational and dramatic photographs that any photographer, be it an amateur or a professional, is sure to love.


Professional Photographer Magazine

The official magazine of Professional Photographers of America, the largest nonprofit association for professional photographers, Professional Photographer is aimed at helping "readers advance careers in the photographic industry." There are various aspects of professional photography covered in the issues, from technological, business, and artistic aspects. Different types of professional photography, like wedding, commercial, and portrait photography are covered in the various issues.


Shutterbug Magazine

A great monthly photography magazine with a mission of being "the number one information and buying source for serious photographers", you can find a wide variety of tests and reviews of camera, accessories, and other equipment. There are a range of articles on different techniques and photographic subjects. The issues also feature a question and answer column known as Help!, photographer interviews, and a gallery of some great works.


Digital Photo Pro Magazine

Meant for professional photographers, this magazine contains business advice, relevant industry news along with the good information, some invaluable photography tips and techniques, and product reviews. The magazine issues also delve into the work and lives of professional photographers.


Photo Technique Magazine

This magazine provides a wealth of knowledge on the techniques of photography. The articles may be technical, but they are just priceless for both professional and serious amateur photographers. If you are not very interested in the complex D-max graphs and other technicalities, check out the amazing articles on photography history and the camera tests.


Photography Monthly Magazine

One of the newest photography magazines to hit the stands, the Photography Monthly Magazine has it all, right from expert tips and techniques, a selection of projects and works by different photographers, and expert opinions on pictures provided by readers. The magazine also features a troubleshooting section and equipment section featuring comparison tests of cameras and related accessories.


Specialized Photography Magazines

Apart from the selection of general photography magazines, there are a number of specialized photography magazines that are meant for photographers in specific fields.

For Nature Lovers
Nature's Best Photography Magazine

This award-winning magazine features images and stories by some of the world's leading professional photographers, naturalists, adventurers, and hobbyists. There are some amazing inspirational photos, how-to photo tips, and inspirational essays by the best nature photographers out there. If you are an eager amateur entering the world of outdoor nature photography, this magazine is essential for you.


For Black and White Photograph
Black & White Photography

Love black and white images? Then you are sure to love this magazine as well. Featuring interviews and work by some of the best names in black and white photography, to in-depth reviews and techniques, this magazine is considered an essential for people interested in monochrome photography. Additional features to watch out for are the positive and negative section, exposure section, and book reviews.


For EOS Camera Users
EOS Magazine

Whether you are a first-time or experienced user, this magazine is tailor-made for people with Canon EOS cameras. It features a wide range of tips and techniques to master the camera controls and improve your photographs.


Most of these photography magazines are available with newsagents and bookstores. You can always subscribe to the magazines to ensure that you never miss out on any issue. Although there are a number of online magazines available on the Internet, print magazines continue to be quite popular. If you are a photographer or aim to be one, then do check out the selection of best photography magazines that provide quality content and amazingly inspirational pictures.