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Top 10 Photo Sharing Sites Like Pinterest

Top 10 Photo Sharing Sites Like Pinterest

To many, Pinterest is the epitome of all that is divinely wonderful in the world of social media. But this is the Internet we're talking about, and there are bound to be other (better) photo sharing sites on the anvil. This PhotograFeed post lists out the best alternatives to Pinterest, in case you're looking for options.
Renuka Savant
Now that's what we call Pinterest-mania!

In January 2012, Pinterest had notched up 11.7 million unique visitors in the United States, making it the fastest site ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. By mid-2014, the site was driving more traffic to publishers than the combined efforts of Twitter and Reddit.
Are you listening, Facebook and Google? Because you're next. There was a time when Pinterest was billed as the sissy version of social network forums. And in classic sissy-style, if we may call it that, Pinterest has managed to sneak ahead of its competition in no time.
We've now come to a point where this phenomenally successful site, having set an example of sorts, is spawning its own share of clones―well, there have to be some pitfalls of being this famous. Those of you looking for some worthy Pinterest copies, we've got them listed right here.
Websites Similar to Pinterest

Flickr happens to be this awesome photo sharing site, which lets you do a host of wonderful things besides the obvious photo sharing. You can play with your pictures―crop them, edit them, tag or organize them, and even print them out. You may also pair up your pictures with a blog, if you so desire, or create a group to share your images with friends. Also, if you're hating how snooty Pinterest has gotten in recent times, restricting access unless you sign in―Flickr lets you explore its breathtaking content unconditionally.

500px is like a dream come true for every budding photographer; and let's be honest here, don't we all have that budding photographer aspect hidden in our personality? This premium photo sharing site lets you connect with like-minded beings, namely other budding photographers both, the fleeting and the serious kind. The best part is that it allows you to view some breathtaking photographs, listed under a host of categories including animals, nature, food, travel, celebrities, and much more. The site lets its members upload photos from Facebook and Instagram, along with other sites. You can also buy or sell pictures as stock photos or art pieces right here.

The virtues of having an Instagram account need not be advertised, looking at its long list of members. Its now-iconic square-shaped picture format has spawned many clones, who have been more or less unable to match the popularity of the original. Instagram happens to be a big hit with small entrepreneurs, as is Pinterest since it can be put to brilliant use as an advertising tool. Access is permitted to members only, but then there's no reason why you wouldn't want to sign up here.

Cat lovers of the world let out a collective squee at the mention of Imgur. While we love this site for being the place to find the most viral images doing the rounds of the Internet, the feather in Imgur's hat happens to be its 'make a meme' service. Fans of Chemistry Cat or Socially Awkward Penguin can endlessly browse these memes, or even try a hand at creating them. Then? Sit back and watch your images go viral, and have lots of fun while you're at it.

Before you jump your guns and accuse WeHeartIt of being a Pinterest clone, know that the site was established in 2008, predating the latter by a good 3 years. The site is basically a mishmash of Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Whisper, with users uploading photos, photos with captions, and sharing comments on them. The site has a young user base, with 80% being under the age of 24, with maximum activity clocking in from mobile devices. If a mishmash is what you're looking for, WeHeartIt sounds good.

Photobucket is an excellent option for those looking to combine the fun of photo editing along with the regular sharing options. The site offers basic tools like red-eye removal, sharpening and cropping, vintage filters, and drawing/writing on pictures. It is particularly helpful if you're uploading pictures from your digital camera. They also have a stellar printing service which lets you reproduce images for frames, canvas wraps, photo books, and even blankets and curtains.

So, we all know how Pinterest primarily caters to women, with its disturbingly Utopian world of makeup, hairstyles, food, and fashion. As a fitting answer, we give you Gentlemint, a site with similar goals as Pinterest, but with significantly less estrogen. The site has lots to offer on predominantly 'gentlemanly' topics like sports, cars, gaming, and handyman DIYs.

Now Trippy isn't right up there as a photo sharing site, but it comprises a global community of travelers who are more than happy to help you plan your trips. Yes, photo sharing is a big part of this superb travel site, but it is centered on connecting locals and travelers, with a view of garnering insider information on the said destination. So, Trippy comes in where Pinterest fails, in terms of getting solid travel advice, as it gets your queries answered by locals. The photo sharing bit is like the cherry on top.

Foodgawker is all Pinteresty to look at, with just one exception―here, it's all about the food, just like the name suggests. With delectable images of every drool-worthy recipe imaginable, Foodgawker makes most of our fascination with food porn. Whether we actually get to the kitchen to make these recipes is a whole different question all together.

Designspiration is the go-to site for designers who wish to create a collection of visuals, which inspire them. Even if you don't happen to be one, you're free to explore the site for visual content related to architecture, art, décor, fashion, style, and the works.