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Waterproof Disposable Camera Reviews

Disposable waterproof cameras are inexpensive and allow you to take photos underwater or on the beach. There are many affordable and good quality waterproof cameras you can choose from.
PhotograFeed Staff
When choosing a disposable waterproof camera there are many things you need to consider. First of all you need to decide what is the purpose of the camera, will you be using it for underwater photography, for beach photography, or using it while performing water sports. If you simply want a beach camera, then you can get a cheap camera for five dollars. But, if you want it for sports then you will need to spend a little more to buy a rugged shockproof camera that withstand falls. There are even some cameras which float and come with a convenient carry strap. Also, for underwater photography make sure you choose a camera which is functional till a good depth.
Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine
One can find this camera for as low as USD 6. This camera is an all-weather camera and you can use it for shooting outdoors or underwater. It is functional till 10 feet underwater. This is a one time use camera. It has 32 mm f/10, fixed focus lens, has shutter speed of 1/125 second. It has a high speed fine grained SUPERIA 800 film, that allows you to shoot on the beach and underwater. It has a compact plastic body which is blue in color with a bright green dial. All these features and good performance of Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine makes it one of the best choice of disposable underwater camera.
Kodak Weekender Underwater Disposable Camera
Kodak Weekender camera has a dark blue body and comes for a price of USD 9. Check out different websites to get the best deal. This is a very lightweight camera and doesn't take up much space in your bag. One can easily carry this camera for outings, fishing, diving, etc. Also, it comes with a carry strap, which makes it even easy to carry around. This camera has a 35 mm film and 30 mm zoom, however it doesn't come with a zoom length. But, it provides really good picture quality. This makes it one of the most popular underwater disposable camera.
Polaroid Waterproof SL32F
This is an inexpensive waterproof camera which comes around USD 5. It is a single use camera and one of the best from Polaroid. This camera comes with a light-blue body and a carry strap. It has a 30 mm lens and is perfect for sport vacations. It can be used underwater to a depth of 32 feet. It has a good quality 800 speed film, that allows you to take brighter and better shots. It also has a flip-up viewfinder that makes taking photos easier.
Snap Sights Disposable Underwater Camera with Flash
It costs around USD 10. This 35 mm camera is a reusable camera. It has a black-colored plastic body. It has easy to use dials and buttons. Also, it comes with a black strap that makes carrying it around easy. It is waterproof till 100 feet. It has a built in flash and has a reusable lock clasp which has a hinged back. It sports a 28 m focus free lens which is preloaded with 27 exposure, Snap Sights Sports film. It is a heavy-duty camera and is shock resistant. This makes it a tough and durable camera which you can use outdoors or underwater and for various water sports. And one of best feature is that you don't have to worry about dropping it because it floats.
Kodak Sport Disposable Camera, 27 Exposure
It comes for a price around USD 8. This camera is a good choice for divers and snorkelers as it is waterproof till 50 feet depth, and still delivers good picture quality. It doesn't produce any blurry pictures from sunscreen smudges. This camera has a shockproof rubber shell, which makers it a rugged and durable camera. It comes with a Kodak Max Versatility Plus 800 Film, in a beautiful blue and yellow color combination, and easy-to-use dial and buttons.
ECO Digi Mode
It cost around USD 20, which is more than double of film waterproof disposable cameras. But, one doesn't have to wait long for the photos to get developed, as one can transfer the CD and the photos are given within 24 hours. The cost of the camera covers the CD transfer. However, this camera is only available in Japan and it has limited features.
When using a waterproof camera, consider carrying with you some anti-fog lens cleaner and a waterproof travel pouch. The cleaner will help you get rid of any sand, grime, or moisture off the lenses. And the pouch will provide extra protection to your camera and other gadgets like cell phones.