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Best Waterproof Camera Under $200

Best Waterproof Camera Under $200

If you want to know which is the best waterproof camera under $200, read on as the article will give you information on it.
Aakash Singh
Being a freelance photographer, I understand how important it is to take care of your camera, especially from water damage. And if you've put a few thousands of dollars to get your possession, you may not want to mess with it. For people who photograph, they must know that waterproof cameras aren't cheap. They come with a hefty price tag, but not always. There are few other disposable waterproof cameras that do come, which can be cheap. But for some even their picture quality may be cheap! So here, what we'll also look at which is the best waterproof camera under $200.

Good Waterproof Cameras Under $200

There are many waterproof cameras out there. Many of which are waterproof just for the sake of it and you tend to realize it only after purchasing. And then, there are few other quality ensured waterproof cameras which not only look stylish, but also have the ability to optimize the performance.

When you ought to buy one, do not get fooled just by the looks of the camera. Engage in a lot of research on it, read the reviews, know about the manufacturer, and if they are one of those big names then you can blindly go for it. Because it not only ensures quality, but then excellent after-sales service too. Mentioned below is the list of top 10 waterproof digital cameras under $200.

Samsung AQ100
One of the most widely known names in electronics from T.V.s, laptops, cameras, AC, refrigerator, and many more. You name it and they've go it for you. It also leads in the photography field, with the latest AQ 100 being one of the top contenders in the waterproof camera market.

Fuji Z33WP
Fuji is another big name in the field of photography. Having been in the business for long has seen a lot of fan following from the consumers who abide by its quality. One waterproof camera manufactured by Fuji is the Z33 WP. An entry-level camera worth buying.

Fuji XP10
Another camera from Fuji best known for its metal body. Can be said that it is an upgrade to the Z33WP with few more features comparatively.

Pentax Optio W80
A reliable name Pentax, one of the oldest camera manufacturers. Also known for their waterproof cameras, one of the latest being the Optio W80. Along with being waterproof, it is also freeze-proof and shockproof. Probably the best buy.

Pentax WS80
Another camera from Pentax is the WS80. Can be really economical if you want to stay below your budget. I say value for money.

Olympus Stylus 550WP
Olympus had the credit of making one of the best waterproof digital SLRs for professionals. In the small segment too, it has a very decent share of market. The Stylus 550 WP can be good for beginners.

It comes from the GE factory. Has a decent resolution for ensuring great quality pictures.

GoPro Wrist Hero
The Wrist Hero is a camera which kids would love. It comes with an adjustable strap which you can put on your wrist and on which you can clip the camera on. Great to capture those swift moments.

GoPro Surf Hero
Another camera from the GoPro which will surely amaze you. In this type of hands-free type of camera, you just need to mount it on your surfing board and let it do the job. According to me, this is the best of all. The Hero cameras are basically for those into sports photography.

Intova SS1000
People may mistake it for being one of those disposable waterproof digital camera because of its transparent casing, but it is not. If you really want to get a camera with your squeezed budget, I think this would be the one.

If you can compromise a little on the budget, there are few other cameras for about $300 or so, which promise to give you some more features.