Waterproof Camera Case Reviews

For your expensive waterproof camera, it is important that you opt for a durable camera case that protects it. Take a look at the following waterproof camera case reviews, to help you pick a good one out.
PhotograFeed Staff
It isn't an uncommon sight to see people indulging in nature, adventure, and underwater photography. Companies are constantly tweaking cameras to make them worthy enough to carry outdoors. While most outdoor-friendly cameras are waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof, they still need to be placed in a protective casing. If you have to look around for camera cases, you will come across many, however, harsh weather conditions can pose risky for photographers, where it is best to keep a camera in a waterproof case, as is the case for digital, DSLR, and SLR cameras.
Best Waterproof Camera Cases
When you have to buy a camera case that is waterproof, note the waterproof-depth and material of the case. The more the waterproof depth, the deeper one can venture underwaters, while snorkeling or diving. Choosing a case with thick material shouldn't be your only criterion, but its resistance to water and the like. Choosing the right case size for your camera is a given; a simple method is to use a small piece of thread to measure the camera, and check the same against the case. If you opt for a fitted case, ensure that the lens window is optically clear, so that you can take clear and crisp photos without any hindrances.
DiCAPac Case
This is one of the best waterproof cases for a camera, which not only keeps water away from the camera, but also protects it from sand and snow. It has been tested for use at 16 feet below sea level. With this fitted case, one can perform the camera's functions, as well as view the screen. With the case fitted in place, you will be able to take quality underwater photos. In case the camera slips from your hand, the camera will not sink to the depth of the water source, but float. Some may find the long neck strap, a nuisance.
Aquapac Mini Case
Polyurethane is used to make these cases, which is not just 100 percent recyclable, but also environment-friendly. The material is thinner compared to PVC, which makes it easier to operate the controls of the camera. The case is perfect for small-sized or shirt-pocket cameras. It can be used in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 122° F. It has Class 5 water protection, due to which the case can be used at even 12 feet underwater.
SeaShell SS-1 Case
It fits most front lens compact and ultra compact digital cameras. Once the camera is placed inside this case, you can proceed to dive to a depth of at least 40 meters. Heavy-duty molded transparent plastic is used for the case's make.
SeaShell SS-2 Case
To protect your digital camera, which is compact, but has a corner mounted internal lenses. It is made from thick heavy duty molded transparent plastic. There is a glass window on the front of the camera, which makes it look out. One of the problems of this case is, you can use only two buttons of the camera once it is fitted―the on/off button and shutter. Nonetheless, users have praised the efficiency of this waterproof encasing while performing underwater activities.
Lowepro Ridge 30 34721 Camera Case
This waterproof camera bag is designed for digital point-and-shoot cameras. The waterproof camera backpack has a brushed ticot-lined compartment, which protects the camera from scratches. It has a zippered memory card pocket, so that the memory card is secure, and an expandable front pocket which is apt for carrying extra batteries. There's also a belt loop that comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
These are some of the best waterproof camera cases that promise to take care of your camera. Choose one that allows you to comfortably use the camera's buttons and controls, without having to fidget with the fitting, constantly. This will ensure that the experience is nothing short of memorable.