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Waterproof Disposable Cameras

Explore the Aquatic World With These Waterproof Disposable Cameras

If you plan to go snorkeling, scuba diving, or take a trip to a place which is known for its rough and humid conditions, you will want to have a suitable camera for the occasion; a disposable underwater cameras is perfect in these conditions. In the following PhotograFeed article, we will go through a list of the same and help you choose.
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Important Tip

Unless there is a flash feature in the camera, the camera won't work in very deep waters. If you are planning on using it in very deep waters, make sure that it comes equipped with one.

Disposable film and digital cameras, also referred to as single-use cameras, are a convenient and cheap alternative for underwater photography. When one wants to click pictures either under water, near water or in rough and humid conditions, these cameras prove to be useful. While serious photography enthusiasts and professional underwater photographers can spend substantial amounts of money on their underwater cameras, this is not always possible for ordinary people. In which case, waterproof disposable cameras are a good alternative, since they are both, convenient as well as inexpensive. They can be used for the duration of the vacation or the shoot, then be disposed off.
Specifications and Details
Fujifilm Quick Snap
Fuji is one of the well-known names in the camera business and is especially known for its superior quality of underwater disposable cameras. This Fuji model is one of the most efficient and effective cameras that uses a 35mm film. A film is loaded into the camera and takes around 25-30 shots. The camera works comfortably to a depth of 17 feet and winds just as easily. The film speed is clocked in at ASA 800 and brings in an exposure of 27. The camera strap and the photo button are on the same side, which makes the camera extremely efficient to use with one hand while you're in the water.

Price: $9.05
Kodak MAX Water & Sport
One of the toughest cameras out there, the Kodak MAX is made with a shock-proof frame that protects the camera in case of being dropped. It has a waterproof web outside the box which protects the camera from water and moisture. Adding to that, it is rugged and extremely durable. This model is waterproof down to 50 feet underwater and comes with a scratch resistant lens. It boasts of a film speed of 800 - 27 exposures and follows a 35mm film format. The unique selling point of this particular model is that it combines the color, fine detail, quality, and picture quality of lower-speed films with the benefits of higher speed films, thus creating beautiful, high-quality snaps.

Price: $9.99
Polaroid Waterproof Disposable Camera
This particular model comes in a 2 pack and is waterproof up to a depth of 32 feet. The camera comes with a Focus Free feature that allows for easy clicks and the Flip Up Viewfinder makes for better aiming through the goggles. The Polaroid is loaded with a high quality, 27 exposure 800ASA film that lends to great quality images. It also has a wrist strap included which makes the process of clicking snaps that much more convenient while one is underwater.

Price: $21.95
Snap Sights SS01
This camera model is a fairly simple piece that is very easy to use and is extremely rugged. Having a tough body, it can not only be used underwater, but can be used with absolute ease above water as well. It is resistant to the varied elements of nature like sand, moisture, rain, and other extreme climates. The SS01 has a pressure-resistant shutter button, a one way clutch on the wind knob as well as the ability to float. The built-in flash automatically shuts off to give you perfect exposures, and there is a built in flip-up sports finder that allows for easy framing while wearing a mask. The SS01 comes with a 27 Exposure/ISO 800 film and is waterproof up to 100 feet.

Price: $12.99
Factors to Consider Before Purchase
Buying a disposable underwater digital camera can be really tricky, and a number of elements have to be considered before purchasing one. For example, if you are into water sports, then you will need a camera which is shockproof along with being waterproof. Look through the following pointers to get a better understanding of what to look into before buying a camera.

Film Camera Vs. Digital Camera

Like regular cameras, waterproof cameras also come in two types, namely, film cameras and digital cameras. If you buy a film camera, you will be able to take around 27 pictures with the camera. However, with a digital underwater camera, you have the option of viewing the photo and deleting the photo if it is not according to your choice before the photo can be transferred. This option is not available with a film camera. Most of the digital cameras come with a CD where the photos can be stored.

All-Weather Equipment

Both, disposable waterproof digital and film cameras make perfect pieces of equipment for a wide range of outdoor activities where conditions can be rough, sandy, or humid. While you can use them in the water, with many models being waterproof to depths ranging from 15 to 50 feet, they can also be used for taking outdoor shots at the pool, the beach, or on cloudy and drizzly days. They can also be used in hot sunshine or in deserts as well.

Tough and Easy to Use

When buying a waterproof disposable camera, ensure that it is rugged and durable. Check to see if it has an easy grip while taking pictures even while you have your gloves on. It should be able to fit snugly into your purse, beach bag, or pocket. Most waterproof disposable cameras come pre-loaded with a 400-speed film wherein there are 27 exposures, and also come with heavy-duty, shock-resistant housing that floats.

Camera with Flash

There are some waterproof disposable cameras which are not equipped with a flash. In order to get good underwater pictures, it is best to invest in an external strobe to prevent creating backscatter, which ends up looking like dirt or snow in the pictures you take. Investing in a strobe proves to be useful only if you are into underwater photography. The other option is to opt for a camera with a flash to save the expense on a strobe. Another thing to keep in mind, especially when taking pictures while snorkeling, is to see to it that the sun is behind you so that the photos are clear. Disposable underwater cameras can be a great way to explore your photographic creativity.


This is an important variant, when one wants to buy an underwater disposable camera. The price range of these cameras can go from the really inexpensive to the extravagantly expensive. The kind of features that these cameras provide will determine the price. The cheaper models will not provide for as many features as the expensive ones. You will have to make a decision regarding the features that you can actually compromise upon. If you are someone who is often around water or likes clicking pictures at any point of time, then you can buy disposable cameras in bulk, because it will fetch you a better deal.
The best time to click photos underwater is between 10 AM and 3 PMā€•this is when the sunlight is at its maximum. It is also important to note that if there are any kind of particles in the water, the resultant images may not be of the best quality. It is recommended that one carry the camera in a case to protect it against the sand and grime present in the water.
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