Digital Photo Frame Reviews

A digital photo frame is an electronic equivalent of a framed picture. It is a modern version of displaying photographs. It is also called a digital media frame. These frames display digital photos without using a computer or a printer. Companies like Sony, Kodak, Philips have introduced hi-tech digital photo frames and are among the best ones in the market today.
PhotograFeed Staff
Most digital photo frames are seven to twelve inches in size. The time period between the display of two different photographs is fixed. A digital camera has a flash memory card which has a high power storage and recording ability. It uses this flash memory card to display the images. Some have storage batteries which can be recharged using a charger. Photos can be uploaded onto the digital photo frame's memory by using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection or Bluetooth.
A landline phone connection is used to insert a frame into the phone jack. A modem is then used to connect to a website and download the desired photos. We can store our favorite family photos, holiday photos or even our childhood photos in the internal memory of the photo frame. The internal memory is capable of saving many photos by reducing them to the least possible size. The photos can also be uploaded via E-mail. The browse mode feature allows you to see the pictures saved in the frame. The thumbnail view enables us to see all the photos on the screen at the same time. It is also possible to copy, cut, rotate and delete images. A slide show of all images can be viewed using the feature of automatic slide show. You can zoom a particular photo to view it minutely. You can turn on or off the frame by setting proper time in the clock provided in the frame. The screen quality is good and we can adjust the brightness and choose from a range of colors.
Reviews of Digital Photo Frames
Let us compare digital photo frames available in the market. The Pandigital photo frame, Kodak Easyshare photo frame, eStarling photo frame, Philips digital photo frames and Portable USA frame are popular ones in all terms. Screen size, resolution, aspect ratio, presence of remote control, sound, ability to play video, special features and price are the criteria to compare digital photo frames.
Comparing Screen Size
Pandigital photo frames have a screen size ranging from 3.5 inches to 11 inches. While Kodak Easyshare photo frames have screen sizes ranging from 5.6 inches to 10.2 inches. eStarling photo frames have a 7 or 8 inch screen while Philips digital photo frames have 6.5 inch screen. Portable USA frame has a 5.6 to 12.1 inch screen. Different models of above mentioned photo frames may be available in sizes different than sizes stated above.
Resolution is the number of pixels in every dimension which can be displayed. PANDIGITAL PAN8002W02T model of Pandigital photo frames has a 800x600 resolution while Kodak photo frames have 800x480 resolution. The resolution of ImpactV model of eStarling frames is 800x600 while that for 6.5 inch digital Philips frame is 720x480. The Portable USA PU-10WB frame has a resolution of 640x480. There may be other resolutions available too.
Aspect Ratio
We can find the aspect ratio of an image by dividing its width by its height. The aspect ratio of Pandigital PAN3502W02 photo frames is 4:3. Kodak 8 inch Touchscreen photo frame has aspect ratio of 16:9. The aspect ratio of eStarling 8 inch wi-fi photo frame is 16:9. Philips 7 inch LCD frame has a 3:2 aspect ratio. The aspect ratio for Portable USA PU-10W frame is 16:9.
Remote Control Facility
Kodak photo frames and Pandigital photo frames have a remote control facility. Portable USA frame also has the remote control facility.
Comparing Wi-fi Facility
Kodak photo frames and eStarling photo frames are well-known for wi-fi facility. There are many more photo frames with this facility in the market.
Some More Features
Pandigital photo frames and Kodak photo frames have an internal memory of 128MB. MMC SD MS CF memory card is used in eStarling frames. Philips photo frames use USB memory cards. Pandigital frames and Kodak photo frames have a good sound system. However, video and sound facilities have not been provided in eStarling and Philips digital frames. Pandigital frame has a built in clock and alarm. Kodak photo frames can directly print pictures using a printer. eStarling is e-mail enabled automatic turn off frame while Phillips frames are interchangeable. Some models of Pandigital frames can cost you up to $180. Price for Kodak photo frames can go up to $200. ImpactV model of eStarling frames is priced at $179.99. You can get Portable USA for $177. Philips frames are available at affordable rates, they approximately cost around $130.
Digital photo frames are becoming popular with every passing day. People from all age groups simply love this latest offering from the electronic world. A beautiful and attractive one will add color to your favorite memories. So, when are you planning to buy it?